Nov. 9, 2012

Why am I here?

For several years I avoided social media - but finally several friends convinced me to join Facebook to help my bookclub - The Reading Divas - promote our annual literary event.  So with that in mind - I set up a FB account; then one of the other members agreed to help me with it and to set us up on "Twitter".  And yes, social media can be of tremendous help when you want to get the word out about an event!

But somedays I am overwhelmed at the explicit profanity and nakedness on FB.

I am amazed that people post such personal pictures of their children and thereby provide "eye candy"for the perverts among us.  

I am dismayed at the total lack of good taste that is often displayed - can't we agree to disagree and still be ladies and gentlemen?  

I wonder why people post pictures of food - a lot of which doesn't even look appetizing.  And more than that, I wonder why some people think it's acceptable to post graphic, sexually explicit pictures! It can really disturb your inner peace - as you simply try to get a flavor of what's trending that day - to have a picture jump out at you that you can't even describe to your mate or BFF without blushing!

I wonder why people  don't read what they write - yes, we all make mistakes but sometimes the grammar is so bad - you really can't figure out the point the writer is trying to make.  

I wonder why everyone doesn't have a dictionary at their disposal so that when they give up and want to say "FU" they can use it to find others words to express themselves.

Admittedly - I may be a little too old or out of step when it comes to social media - and though I will continue to use FB - I realize that l also need a different, more personal forum to share those thoughts and ideas that are really near and dear to me.  

So please - check out this site from time to see what I'm doing, what the Reading Divas Book Club is reading, and what we're up to as we strive to advocate for this great world of African American Literature!