Nov. 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Retirement Style!

This Thanksgiving my husband Dave and I are starting a new chapter in our "retirement lives"!  


Early in our marraige we traveled to New York and New Jersey to spend the holidays with our parents.  When we had children we stayed at home and the grandparents traveled to us.  As the kids grew up, and grandparents got older - we stayed home but the group around the table changed eventually to include in-laws, grandchildren and friends.


We are both now retired and loving it.


 A couple of weeks ago the thought of cooking for 20-25 people, as we have for many years, suddenly became overwhelming and within 20 minutes we had purchased tickets to Orlanda to visit a retired friend.  


Will we do this every year?  Probably not, but it was wonderful to be able to spontaneously do something different TOGETHER!  


So on this Thanksgiving Day - we thank God for life, love, liberty, family, friends and the chance to grow old gracefully together.  We are humbled that we are able to do this while so many others cannot!  


The picture on this page is my mothers family - the Hemphills - only one Uncle still living!  For that we are grateful.