Awaken the Book Club in YOU!

Please read articles written by Sharon in the Andrews Gazette:  How to start a book club -- and How to run a successful book club -- 

Are you thinking about starting a book club?  Are you in a book club that you feel no longer  meets your needs?  Is your club stagnant and you want to take steps to re-energize the members?  Is there "drama" going on and you need help settling it?  Well, I may be the answer to your problem!

My name is Sharon Lucas and I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and an avid reader, who is now retired after working for many years as a human resources and sales professional.  In 1998, I founded The Reading Divas Book Club in order to spend some quiet reflective time with other women - just to relax and reflect. 

Though I wouldn't trade the experiences I have had with the book club the last 15 years for anything, it hasn't always been easy!  To be a leader takes time, effort, patience, and consistency and I have often had to draw on my human resource and sales backgrounds to work through situations - and now I would like to share the tools I have developed with others.

Whether you or starting a club or already in a club, I will help you to develop "best practices" to enrich your book club experience and ensure that your club will be heard and respected by authors and other book clubs.

Think about the kind of assistance you need or want:  Do you need help recruting members, developing club by-laws, and getting your club off the ground; are you the President or other officer, and you would like to talk wth me one-on-one to discuss an issue(s) and get suggestions about how to best handle it; or would you like to invite me to a Book Club meeting to talk about change or re-energizing the club?  Gather as much information as possible about" why" and include it when you contact me.

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  • Getting Started!

    This workshop will introduce you to the key elements of starting a book club and keeping it interesting.

    A few of the topics that will be covered include how to stop procrastinating and get started, how to recruit members, how to develop by-laws, who will host and moderate meetings, and how you can take your club beyond reading and discussing a book each month.

  • Bring Something to the Table!

    Be clear about what you want from a book club, and also, what you will contribute!

    The purpose of a book club is to read and have an enlightening discussion about a book, to expand your personal literary library, and to provide an open forum of ideas and opinions.

    There is more to a book club discussion than answering the questions at the back of the book. We will explore how to go beyond "I didn't like the book".

  • Sharing the Joy!

    Sometimes we need to "shake up" things a little or "infuse" ourselves with new energy. What better way for a group of avid readers to achieve this than to surround themselves with other like-minded people in a celebration?

    Small one author book signing to multi-author expo event. This workshop will cover the basics of planning and hosting a literary event.