Book Club Application

An application should be  used to ensure that perspective members share your love of reading and understand the rules of the club.

It is also suggested that perspective members be required to attend a minimum number of meetings, our number is three, - in order for them to get a feel for the group and for the members to decide whether or not the applicant would be a good fit for the group.


Application - The Reading Divas Book Club 


Name_________________________________  DOB___________


Phone:Home __________________ Cell _____________________

Do you currently belong to a book club?   Yes _____ No____

If, yes, will you stay with that club?  Yes _____ No _______

Why do you want to make a change_________________________




List the last three books you read:





What do you expect to get out of your membership in this club?





Are you committed to fostering sisterhood?        ________

Will you read the book selection monthly?          ________

Will you attend meetings regularly?                 ________

Are you willing to host meetings?                    ________

Will you support club events?                        ________


Have you received a copy of the bylaws?           ________

___________________________________   ________________

Name                                                Date



Date Recieved__________________________________________

Member Sponsor _______________________________________ 

Meetings Attended _____________________________________

Disposition ____________________________________________