The Reading Divas Book Club Bylaws


Objectives: To create an oasis for a group of African American women where they can enjoy themselves in a relaxing and safe environment as they read, discuss and review literature, primarily literature written by African American authors.

Mission: To promote and celebrate the written work by through our support of talented African American authors and community events.

Membership: Is open to African American women who share a love of reading. Prospective members must be recommended and introduced by a current member. There will be no more than 18 active members.

Guests: Members may invite an adult guest to a regular monthly meeting, after the hostess has been contacted and agrees. Children may not be invited.

Meetings: Are held once a month, usually on the third Sunday, and are hosted in turn by club members. The hostess is responsible for choosing the book of the month and for moderating the discussion. If a member is unable to host in her assigned month, she is responsible for trading with another member to ensure the meeting is held.

Dues: Is $10 per month or $120 annually. This money is used to make charitable donations, to recognize members and their families during times of bereavement, etc., and to support club outings.

Fines: A $2 fine is assessed when members (a) do not obtain or finish reading the BOM; (b) are tardy by more than 30 minutes; or (c) do not advise the hostess when they cannot attend a meeting.

Attendance: Members are expected to be on time and to attend all meetings, except when an emergency, illness, business trip or family obligations prevents them from attending. Members should notify the hostess ASAP, when they are unable to attend a meeting.

Termination of Membership (voluntary and involuntary): If a member chooses to no longer participate, she should immediately advise the Founder and Chair, Sharon Lucas. After four consecutive absences in a calendar year, without good cause – such as illness or temporary work relocation - members will be advised their membership is dropped.